Going Underground! Treak Cliff Cavern

Although you might think the best sights to see in the Peak District are the hills, waterfalls and villages that dot many a landscape, the real gems are found beneath the surface – quite literally!   Castleton is a small village close to Kinder Scout and Mam Tor. It’s beyond Hope, as the local jokeContinue reading “Going Underground! Treak Cliff Cavern”

Falling in Love With Autumn

As the days grow shorter and temperature edges towards the chillier end of the spectrum, the criteria for those looking for a decent walk in the countryside changes. Gone are the long, idyllic summer evenings where you can head out for a decent stroll after work; what’s needed at this time of year are routesContinue reading “Falling in Love With Autumn”

Niagara Falls – Worth the Hype?

  It’s not even all that big, they told me. Hardly the most impressive natural sight you’ll see. A bit of a cross between Las Vegas and Blackpool. Don’t get too excited. Having breathed in all the advice before my trip to Niagara Falls, I wasn’t getting my hopes up too high. People had warnedContinue reading “Niagara Falls – Worth the Hype?”

Which time of year inspires you to get your walking boots on?

What’s the best time of year to put on your walking boots and head out into the Peak District National Park? Many people don’t fancy the idea of getting togged up in thick coats and waterproof trousers to brave the snow and heavy rain we’ve been experiencing in recent weeks. But there’s a lot toContinue reading “Which time of year inspires you to get your walking boots on?”