Coast to Coast: Stage 2

Ennerdale is one of my favourite parts of the Lake District. A fabulously beautiful stretch of water in a quiet location away from the crowds of Windermere and Keswick. It’s bliss. A great fortune, then, that the beginning of the C2C route’s second stage includes a walk along the full length of this smashing lake.Continue reading “Coast to Coast: Stage 2”

Starting the Coast to Coast walk

Last year, when staycation activities were all the rage, we embarked on the Pennine Way and loved it. Purists might scoff at the fact that we didn’t do it all in one go, but Wainwright himself wrote that this doesn’t really matter. Having a ‘weekend’ approach spreads out the joy and meant we could alsoContinue reading “Starting the Coast to Coast walk”

Yorkshire Water car park charges

Like many Yorkshire folk, i enjoy a walk of an evening or at the weekend and a great asset we have a lot of is our reservoirs. Strolling around a reservoir is good for the body and soul, there’s something about being near water that relaxing and stimulating, especially when you’re a few hours driveContinue reading “Yorkshire Water car park charges”